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We provide IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses who would rather be spending time ON their business and not supporting technology. We provide flexibility so that they can do just that.                                                                                                                                   
All of our solutions can be deployed as traditional on-premise or cloud-based.                                                                                                                                                                                       
So whether you're looking for a turnkey solution or assistance with specific IT needs, we can help you so you can get back to running your business.                                                                             

Carolina Cloud Technologies

We are not traditional IT as you know it. We identify the best of breed technologies that we then bundle together as a solution under a single subscription license. This provides you the ability to grow your business without the heavy burden of costly investments that take years to justify. 

We provide a number of subscription-based services for your IT needs. Why not let us manage your technology for you?


See what customers are saying about our solutions 

Jamie Guerrero of Morris & Ritchie Associates of NC "Sharefile, with its seamless integration into Outlook, has simplified the process of sharing large engineering drawing files with my clients. I no longer have to upload files into a separate file sharing service. Instead, I am able to attach any size file to an email and Sharefile automatically uploads large files onto a secure data service and sends a link to my client that allows access to the files. The encryption methods used by Sharefile provide me and my client's assurances that the data is secure and safe from unauthorized breaches. In addition, we are able to access that data on mobile devices which makes looking at site plans in the field much less cumbersome than lugging around a full set of plan sheets."

Lee Tillett of RCI Builders “One of the biggest choke-points in construction is the movement of information, and ShareFile aids in this process very much. When I upload something onto ShareFile, three people get that notification that it is there for their review, and they can coordinate who's going to look at it first, who's going to look at it second. Maybe they get on a conference call and look at it together. It's so much better than the old way of, this guy has got to look at it with this guy's comments and then it gets sent to the next guy and so on from there. What ShareFile allows people to do is collaborate in real-time.” 

Shawn Sullivan of GTA Associates Inc. “Sharefile has made distribution of Field Reports and Concrete Break Reports a lot less time-consuming. GTA likes to add photos of our daily observations to our Field Reports and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients who like to have this visual documentation of their site in various states of construction. Problem was, the photos were making the files so large it became a task in itself to distribute more than one Field Report at a time. However, with the capacity of Sharefile, it is as simple as attaching all the Field Reports into one email and clicking send. Another benefit I like is the notification of who and when someone accesses the files we sent via Sharefile. It is easy to know when to pick up the phone and make a call to discuss information in a given report when you get a notification that someone has downloaded the information." a description here

We also provide a full list of IT services to complement our packaged solutions

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